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Achieving the correct mindset

There was a very well known direct advertising entrepreneur called Andrew Reynolds who was speaking at an internet boot camp in Brighton that I attended, and he was asked a question by a member of the audience ” Because you have given us this free training, when we all leave this conference and start our internet marketing, there won’t be room in the industry for all of us, will there?

The Speaker smiled and said: “Even if you all went home with the very best of intentions, which I am sure you will, out of the 4000 people here, maybe 100 will make some sort of genuine attempt to start something, and out of the 100 maybe 12 or 13 people will persevere, and possibly only one or two of you will end up with a successful business.”

There were gasps of astonishment and disbelief around the arena.

Andrew went on: “You have to be dedicated in the early days to learn this business, but surely everyone here can give up a few of hours per week bearing in mind the potential rewards?”

There was a bit a negativity from the audience at this point, the idea of giving up a few hours per week didn’t go down too well.

“I work all day” said one audience member, “Me too!”  “I’ve got children” said others, and there was a general agreement from the rest of the audience.

“Ok” said Andrew Reynolds “That’s been noted” and he went on with his presentation.

After about ten minutes, he said: “Right, to illustrate the power of marketing through the media I am going to conduct a live survey now, using well known British TV programs.”

“How many people regularly watch Eastenders on a Monday?” Many hands went up.
“What about when it is on during the rest of the week, how many here regularly watch it?

Again, many hands went up. 

He asked the same questions about “Coronation street” and “Emerdale Farm” and appeared to be writing down some notes.

He then looked at at the audience and said: “Very good. Ok, how many people here regularly watch at least one of these programs every night. 

Almost every single person put up their hand.

The Speaker looked at the audience triumphantly and said “So you can’t find a few spare hours per week to completely improve your life, but you are happy to watch regular soap opera’s on television?”

The audience groaned sheepishly..

He went on..

“If you want something badly enough, you will make or find the time to achieve your goal. Having the right mindset is key. If you make excuses as to why you cannot succeed in this business, the only person you are fooling is yourself!”

Having the correct mindset is probably the most important requirement when starting any business, let alone a business working by yourself from home. If you work for someone else or within a group,there is normally a peer pressure or culture which either imposes or reinforces a certain mindset.

When starting a business on your own, with only yourself to answer to, or even “show off” to, it can be much more difficult to get started, and then maintain the impetus. This is why some people who are looking for success within internet marketing, adopt a “guru” or mentor, to help them either get, or keep focussed in their quest for financial success. 

But not everyone can afford a Guru or Mentor, and happily, there is a vast array of self-help books dedicated to helping you achieve the right mindset.

The self-doubt occurs later, when you have already invested some time and effort into your new business. You make a couple of online sales and think to yourself “Yes! I am on my way to making some money online” and then a few weeks of nothing. No sales. Absolute zero.

The battle hardened entrepreneurs will tell you that this is crunch time. This is the time when so many budding internet marketers fall by the wayside, and give up, disillusioned.

This is one of the two failure danger-points. The other danger-point, believe it or not, is actually motivating yourself to get started in this amazing business.