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Getting people to your website

There is probably more written about how to drive traffic to a website than any other aspect of internet marketing. 

This is possibly because this is the hardest part of internet marketing, but your online business will absolutely depend on traffic for its success. 

Imagine opening a shop in a street where there are no people?  Exactly the same applies to your online shop or business. You need traffic, and plenty of it.

You also ideally need focused traffic. Focused traffic being the people who come to your website who are most likely to make a purchase. One of the best ways to get focused traffic is to have a sign-up form on your website where people can give you their details in return for further information about your particular product. If you can build a huge list using this method then this is powerful, because you can write out to your list every time that you have a new product, and the chances are, that people from that list will make a purchase. 

Rather than try to manage that list yourself, use another company to manage this for you, otherwise you will be stuck to your PC all day and all night. 
We use Aweber because it is simple to use, but at the same time it can perform the most tedious of tasks, such as creating the sign up form, personalizing messages to your list as in ” Hello Andrew” or “Simon,” or having it automatically send follow-up messages to people subscribing to your list, again with anything personalized.

Once you have set it up, Aweber can almost run your business for you, simple as that!

Aweber is simple to use. It takes you through a stage by stage process with video help if you need it, to set up your campaign. 
So you can be on holiday sunning yourself somewhere exotic, and your subscribers will still be receiving their newsletters, updates and general communications automatically.
If you are serious about becoming a successful online marketer, you absolutely need something like Aweber. 

So far, you have the sign up form on your website, and you now know that by using a system such as Aweber, once you have got people to your website, once set up, everything is taken care. So now your whole concentration should be about attracting visitors to your website.

There are several ways of getting traffic to your website, but the very first thing to do is to ensure that your website is fully optimised to attract organic traffic. Organic traffic is traffic that comes from search engines such as Google and Yahoo and it is free!

The process is better known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Setting your website up to attract visitors is the most important part of the SEO process. Imagine that you have shop on the high street, with many hundreds of people continuously walking past. Further imagine that the neighbouring shops to the left and right of your business are brightly lit with clear signage, but the outside of your own shop shop is dull, uninteresting and unappealing.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that your shop would be largely ignored. It’s the same with your website, on several levels, appearance and content included.

So how do we optimise our website?  

The domain name can be important because it is the first “keyword” that the search engine sees or looks for. 
The Domain name seems particularly important when it is a small site with limited script
It’s worth mentioning at this stage that search engines especially Google change their parameters every so often, so it may well be that this advice may apply at the moment, but may not later, and then may change again. The best thing to do is do everything possible, and then you are covered as much you can be.

Choosing a good domain name involves using the keyword tool to find out what are the more popular searches being carried out within your chosen subject matter, and then finding a similar domain name.

So for example, if your chosen subject-matter is “Retirement” and your intended niche market is people who are looking to retire in Spain, one of the popular keyword searches may have been “retire in Spain”

so you then find out if a matching domain name exists such as If that domain name is in use by someone else, change the suffix. For example or .org

If those are taken, hyphenate the domain name as in Some would argue that this sometimes can work even better.

If you are using WordPress as your website of choice then the SEO aspect is really simple, depending on which plug-in you decide to use.
My favourite is Yoast, which free and very popular. When you write your page or post there is an SEO area which manoeuvres you to into deciding what exactly your key words are going to be and prompts you into making sure that your page is as optimised as it can be.

So now you have your Domain name, and your site is optimised, what do we do next to further improve the traffic that comes to our website. To be honest, there are many tips and tricks that come with experience, such as putting descriptive “alt text” on all photos, and much more.

But, to be honest, if all you do is get a decent domain name and then fill your entire website with interesting and unique information, that is not borrowed or copied from another site, and keep updating that information, ensure that the navigation links work properly, and don’t break any rules, you will be rewarded. It won’t happen overnight, this is a patience game. Some search engines such as Google seem to reward longevity. So if you are doing well in the next six months, think what another year or two will bring!

What has been described here, is known as “On-site SEO” where your efforts have been geared towards teeing up your website or web page to attract organic visitors.

There is also “Off-site SEO” which is the means to attract visitors from other sites. There are so many ways to accomplish this, so here are a few ideas:-

– Exchange links with other sites of a similar subject matter

– Advertise your site for free in on-line journals such as Gumtree

– Do a Youtube video to promote your site. 

– Start a Facebook/Twitter/other social media page featuring your site

– Advertise using Google Adwords

– Approach well know online magazines with an informative write-up with a link to your site.

It is very much worth spending a lot of time and effort setting all this up. Remember, you are creating an online business that will carry on producing income for some considerable time. Build this business with depth and honesty and determination and you will succeed

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