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How to get your website

It has never been as easy ever, to either create a website, or to find someone who can put together or design a website for you. Years ago, when the World Wide Web was a comparatively new institution, web designers could charge a fortune for their work, because web design was a studied art involving a complicated process which took the web designer hours of hard work.

Today, things are very different. There are many web-design packages out there, ranging from the very basic to the ultra sophisticated. If you truly want to become a successful online entrepreneur then the recommendation is to learn how to build at least a basic site. This could cost nothing. There is host of online free blogging packages out there; just search! 
Probably the most popular of these packages is WordPress. 

WordPress started out as a open-source blogging platform that quickly evolved into a more sophisticated but more user friendly package that could be easily transformed into an ordinary website. Because it is open source, there is no cost, other than minor hosting fees. Because of its makeup, it has natural SEO attributes which can be easily enhanced with a “plug-in”

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation and there is more about this on the “Getting Traffic” section.
One of the huge benefits of having a WordPress site that you manage yourself is that you don’t have to have a computer with you to make any changes or update information.
You could use a friends PC or pop into an internet café find your WordPress site, log in and that’s it! Any changes that you make are Live as soon as you hit the Publish button.

When you have got your head around how WordPress works (there are loads of online videos, you will be amazed at the simplicity!  It is as easy or easier to send or change any script and photos on WordPress than it is on Microsoft Word.

These days wordpress comes with a plethora of amazing options to create an amazing site – many of them at no cost! This site was built with Elementor deliberately using the free basic version.

Elementor is a website builder. You can download it via WordPress. How it works is that when you open your WordPress site and decide to create a page, you have the Elementor option which takes you to a different screen.

Building with Elementor uses the process of WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get. On the left of the screen is the toolbox; if you want a headline for example you would drag and drop a headline to where you want it on the page. You then make the headline visually acceptable by using the tools on the left. It’s really simple. The toolbox contains everything you need to make a site and more, and if you upgrade to the pro version there are more options than you could possibly imagine.

Of course there are many other website building options on the internet, and you must do your own research, but in my opinion you would have to go a long way to beat Elementor, which, by the way is continuously being upgraded to bring even more features and be even more cutting edge.

“So why design a website myself?” is the question most asked, especially as mentioned previously, there are so many affordable web designers out there. 

Imagine that you are in bed at five in the morning, and you get a tremendous idea in your head, that is so exciting, you want to jump around and work on it.

Your web designer is not going to be pleased to be woken up at 5.30am to be asked if a certain domain name exists, or can he or she add some script to an existing site. You get the picture.

But if you are able to do these basic tasks yourself, in a couple of hours you could have a valuable addition to your online business that may net you a small fortune.

One more important thing about web design is to find the right hosting company, and to confuse matters they come in all different shapes and sizes and prices, although, these days their rates are generally reasonable. Also you will need to purchase your domain name. The Domain name is the of your website.

Thankfully most hosting companies have an all inclusive package, a bit like a one-stop-shop where everything to do with website design is under one virtual roof, including WordPress! 

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